This will be part two of Bob Tipton’s presentation on Xamarin and IOT:

Ready to take over the world?

Imagine if you could control and monitor thousands of devices with your iPhone or Android phone. What would you be able to do? What wouldn’t you be able to do?

That’s the task for this presentation. We’ll be using Xamarin.Forms to create a cross-platform iPhone/Android/Windows phone app that uses the Azure Internet of Things (IOT) service to remotely control and monitor our own custom microcontroller-based devices. We’ll be utilizing several really useful technologies:

Xamarin – a C#-based cross platform development that will let us re-use most of our code to create a mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows phones.
Azure IOT Suite – a low barrier to entry, massively scalable hub that lets us monitor and control thousands of devices in real time through the cloud.
Arduino – an open source microcontroller hardware and software package that makes it easy to create and program your own electronic devices.

By the end of this presentation, you’ll know how to:

Use the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter kit to create your own device
Program that device to communicate with the Azure IoT Suite
Setup your own Azure IoT hub
Develop a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.Forms (included with VS2015), maximizing your code reuse, and letting you code for iOS and Android devices in C#
Code your app so that it can monitor and control your devices through the Azure IoT hub.

Please note, change of venue (we’ll be here for the next few meetings at least):

We’ll meet at Excella at 2000 Kraft Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060
If the door is locked, please call 404-702-9929 for access.

Thanks to TEKSystems for sponsoring this event!