The meeting for April has been moved to the 4th week of April, the 23rd. This was prompted by the availability of our speaker for this month, but we are actually considering moving our meeting permanently to the 4th Thursday. I’ll bring that up in a separate post.

This month’s speaker is Jonathan “J.” Tower. The subject is “30 Tools for Modern .NET Web Development in 60 Minutes”:

Are you a .NET developer interested in crafting high-quality, modern web applications? I've got 30 tools I want to show you in just 60 short minutes. I'll introduce you to these 30 tools that I think will help make your software and life better.

Buckle your seat belts and come prepared to jot down some notes on the items that will be the most helpful to you. You might want to reference them later, because we'll be moving fast!

Jonathan “J.” Tower is a Microsoft MVP, Telerik Developer Expert, and Senior Software Architect with over fifteen years of software development experience in many different industries. He loves the creative and problem-solving aspects of his work, sharing what he’s learned, and building community.

J’s current technology interests include web technologies-ASP.NET MVC, various JavaScript frameworks like Kendo and Angular- as well as cross-platform mobile development technologies like Xamarin or hybrid mobile apps.

Normally you would find J. near his home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he organizes a user group, four annual developer conferences, and a GiveCamp. This year, however, he and his family are on a one-year-long road trip around the country visiting the 48 contiguous states (

Hope to see you all on the 23rd!