Sorry for the late notice, but I think everyone has been crazy busy the last few weeks.

This Thursday we have a speaker from the Roanoke area, Brian Lanham, talking about Graph Databases with Neo4j.

After serving as a nuclear-qualified electrician for six years in the United States Navy, Brian earned a Computer Science degree from Penn State University. While attending university, Brian developed C applications for UNIX and DOS. He then moved on to Microsoft Windows and Web applications. After a brief stint dabbling in Java, he uses .NET as his development platform of choice. Brian is currently an Application Architect with Corvesta in Roanoke, VA.

There are many flavors of databases and contrary to popular conception, we use multiple types in every application. Hierarchical, document, and relational are all relatively commonly well-known. The property graph database is gaining increasing popularity as a replacement for relational databases. They promise increased performance, improved scalability, and greater extensibility than relational databases. In this session we will learn about property graph databases, how they are more semantic in data modeling, and how to get started using Neo4j in your application development efforts.

We hope to see you all May the 8th, at 6PM!

Update: Oops. Location is once again Excella Consulting, Corporate Research Center, 2000 Kraft Drive, Blacksburg.