UPDATE Due to the bad weather, this month’s meeting is unfortunately cancelled.
We hope to see you all on March 13th - with the same topic. Venue will be announced.

We have a change in presentation schedule, since Doug Garnett-Deakin is unavailable. Instead, we’ll have a presentation by Manoj Agarwal, titled “OWIN and Microsoft Katana 101”.

Attend this presentation to learn about Open Web Server Interface for .NET (OWIN), and how it’s stimulating the open source ecosystem of .NET web development tools. Microsoft adopted OWIN in the form of Project Katana, which provides underlying set of components to ASP.NET applications, enabling them to be flexible, portable, lightweight, and provide better performance.

Also, ATTENTION!! Since JPI is unavailable for our February meeting, we’ll be meeting at Techpad, Suite 200, 432 North Main Street, in Blacksburg. Parking will be an issue. Don’t park at the Baptist Church next door, or Stellar One across the road - they have a towing policy!! Your best bet is come early, and try Alumni Mall (across from Techpad and PK’s), or if you’re lucky, see if there is space available at one of the parking areas behind The Cellar (between North Main and Progress Street).